We raise Dexter cows, a breed known for their smaller size and superior meat. We purposely keep a controlled herd count, allowing them to graze on lush green grass and clover, eating at their own leisurely pace and with plenty of room to roam around. When they finish one section of pasture, we open the fence and rotate them to the next, like slow-motion lawnmowers. Rotational pasturing yields healthy, happy cows.

As ruminant animals, their stomachs are meant to digest grass, and our cows will have their fill of it their entire lives, along with supplemental organic alfalfa hay in the winter season. This natural grass diet and gentle feeding cycle results in tender, marbled beef that’s full of flavor, higher in Omega 3s and antioxidants versus grain-fed beef, and we use no antibiotics or growth hormones. Taste the difference and enjoy the nutritional benefits of pasture-raised grass-fed/grass-finished beef. Sign up for our newsletter below to be informed on the availability of beef and beef bone orders.


Dexter Cows

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